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Tony Smith (Anthony DG Smith)

Anthony D.G. Smith – New Media Producer & Designer
A creative and experienced new media, marketing and entertainment professional with a strong entrepreneurial background with more than 15 years experience in creative leadership roles. I would like to join an organization where I can employ my extensive management, creative, design and production experience while continuing to learn through the assumption of new challenges and responsibilities.

Brands I've worked with...

Professional Experience:
Over the past decade, my professional career has focused upon the founding and development of new business enterprises, consulting engagements with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, and working within the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries on multiple levels. I have been directly involved in the production of countless promotional campaigns, advertising campaigns, works of art, live events, musical compositions, film projects, designs and new media projects.

Naviciti LLC       2006 – 2011  – Detroit, Michigan
Title: President / Creative Director / Developer
An award-winning Detroit-based digital communications and interactive mapping firm providing custom software development services, custom cartographic services, electronic/digital signage solutions, digital kiosk production, information systems, out-of-home advertising, communications consulting services and proprietary application licensure. As the firm’s founder and President, my day-to-day functions included the formulation of company strategy; development of proprietary software and hardware systems; oversight of all development, marketing, and other business operations; execution of contracts and other legal documents; representation of the firm in key public-facing capacities; and negotiations with clients, partners, and investors.

Technology Productions Inc      1997 –2012 – New York City, NY and Detroit, MI
Title: Founder / Creative Director / Producer /Director
A fifteen year-old creative services, marketing and production firm located in Detroit, Michigan and New York city which provided its clients and partners with a wide variety of top tier services ranging from brand development to marketing consulting, new media and event production. In the early years of the company’s founding, I produced over 100 promotional events throughout the Midwest, East Coast and Europe in a variety of venues and settings. As the firm’s founder, I have established a longstanding relationship with various clients, partners, entertainment professionals and vendors globally. TPI’s clients include companies such as General Motors, Molson, Daimler Chrysler, Nintendo and Red Bull.

Sony Music       2000 – Nov. 2001 – New York City, NY
Title: Designer/Consultant
Served as a contract consultant to Sony Music Distribution in providing technological consultation to overwhelming call center and technical support issues related to several Lotus-based proprietary applications (Sales Reporting System, Broadcast Display System, LIS, GRS) used globally by employees, partners and affiliates.

Centro-Fly Nightclub       2000 – Nov. 2003 – New York City, NY
Title: Designer/Event & Marketing Consultant
Acted as a contract consultant to a multi-million dollar nightclub and event venue in Midtown Manhattan. My duties consisted of assisting Centro-Fly in all marketing and advertising initiatives regionally and globally. Highlights of my tenure included creation of a revitalized brand presence, website creation and launch, special events promotions, public relations and charity fund-raising.

Teknotika Records 1999 – Nov. 2003 – New York City, NY and Detroit, MI
Title: Partner/Management & Marketing , AR
Independent record label selling over 40 short run releases world wide in CD, EP and LP format. My duties consisted of managing day to day business operations, promotions, media relations, event planning, tour and artist management, and talent acquisition.

Leadership Qualities:

– Strong, career-long dedication to new media and new technologies.
– Strong ability to produce small to large scale events and or productions.
– Ability to effectively direct groups, teams and/or crews.
– Attention to detail, capacity to plan, ability to execute and a strong commitment to excellence.
– Strong background in and dedication to creative conceptualization and execution.
– Broad range of expertise across multiple disciplines including marketing, advertising, entertainment and software industries.

Technical, Computing and Software expertise:

Expert level at following programs, techniques and languages:
Microsoft Office Products, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Pro, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Adobe CS Products, 3d Studio Max, Microsoft Map Point, Microsoft Virtual Earth API (, Google Api Services, Google Maps API, Yahoo Maps API, Sorenson Pro, HTML, FTP, Telnet, DOS, ActionScript 2, WordPress Development, Web 2.0 Front End Development, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, C/C++, Perl, AJAX, mySQL, SQL, and LAMP Environments. Other important notes listed below:

– Acquired FCC License as student at WBDG FM (Radio Announcer)
– Strong understanding of radio and wireless communications industry and technology
– Expert in production of digital still and motion video
– Expert in producing creative marketing materials, product design and deployment
– Strong understanding of SMS and modern mobile technologies
– Strong understanding of computer and electronics hardware
– Strong understanding of and ability to design, install and configure WAN’s & LAN’s
– Strong understanding of and ability to install and configure IP Telephony networks and systems
– Strong understanding of Argon, HeNe and White Light Laser imaging technology
– Strong understanding of and ability to operate modern digital video & HD video cameras
– Strong understanding of and ability to operate modern digital audio recording equipment


– Native US English Speaker
– Fluent in American Sign Language (ASL)
– Intermediate speaker of Khmer (Cambodian)
– Beginner in Reading, Writing & Speaking Arabic
– Beginner in Reading, Writing & Speaking Spanish

Communication Skills:

-Strong Public Speaking Abilities
-Professional FM Radio and Voiceover Experience
-Strong Filmmaking/Storytelling Abilities
-Strong Drawing, Sketching and Visual Ideation Abilities
-Ability to shoot, edit and produce ENG/Documentary Films

Design/Production Portfolio:

Over the past ten years I have designed and built literally hundreds of pieces of work. These are primarily digital, print, web, interactive, photography and motion video/film projects. I have a strong ability to adopt new methods, applications and even programming languages in the many projects that I undertake personally or produce professionally.

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