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Tony Smith (Anthony DG Smith)

Film/Video Production Credits:

Project: Type: Role:
Paintcans & Politics Film Documentary Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Writer and Camera Operator
Get in the Game Commercial Producer, Director, Writer, Interviewer and Camera Operator
Red Bull Music Labs Documentary Producer, Director Web Series Documentary Executive Producer, Producer, Director, Writer and Camera Operator
Motown – Duke Fakir
(Four Tops)
Commercial Producer, Director
Motown Review Super Bowl Live(John Legend) Commercial Producer, Set Designer
A Shot at Love with Tila (MTV) Television PA, Art Department
Fight Nights Detroit Boxing Live/ Sports Director, Producer, Ring Side Camera Operator
Angelo Brown for Governor Commercial Executive Producer, Producer, Director and Camera Operator

Notable Documentary or ENG On-Camera Interviews conducted:

Person Interviewed: Title /Organization:
Mayor Dennis Archer President of American Bar Association, former Mayor of Detroit, Supreme Court Justice
Jesse Jackson Founder of Rainbow Push Coalition, Former Presidential Candidate
Sean “P-Diddy” Combs CEO, Bad Boy Records
Governor Jennifer Granholm Governor of Michigan
Governor Howard Dean Governor of Vermont, Presidential Candidate, Leader of the National Democratic Party
Rep. Dick Gephardt Former Presidential Candidate
Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Former-Mayor of Detroit

Recent Press Credits:
In recent years, I have been featured in virtually all significant news outlets in Metro Detroit and throughout the southeastern Michigan region. I am regularly invited for interviews or to provide commentary on various issues related to clients’ projects, our firm’s past activities, or subjects related to technology, media, or entertainment culture.

Business: Arts & Culture:
Detroit Free Press Detroit Free Press
Detroit News WDIV Channel 4 (NBC Affiliate Metro Detroit)
Oakland Press WJBK FOX 2 (FOX Affiliate Metro Detroit)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Detroit News
WXYZ Channel 7 (ABC Affiliate Metro Detroit) Michigan Chronicle
WDIV Channel 4 (NBC Affiliate Metro Detroit)
Comcast News Makers (CNN Headline News)
Crain’s Business
CBS News Radio (LTU Leader’s & Innovators Profile)
Microsoft Geospatial Developer Blog
(Links to stories and videos available upon request)

Event Production and Music Business Experience:
In past years I’ve worked extensively in the music business as a event producer/promoter and independent record label owner. I’ve produced hundreds events throughout the United States and Western Europe.  I have operated a successful 3000-capacity venue in Detroit, worked at some of the hottest nightclubs in NYC, and have produced events and a 10 city tour around Western Europe as well. I have developed an extensive network of entertainment professionals and music business experts across the United States and around the world.


Professional Recommendations:

David Livingstone, Executive Vice President – Communications, Naviciti
I had the pleasure of working with Tony for two years, and two tremendously rewarding years they were. I was fortunate to work directly with one of the most dynamic, innovative, dedicated, and creative individuals it has ever been my pleasure to meet, and found his seemingly endless imagination and energy to be an incredibly rare and valuable asset to our firm. It is to my great regret that current geographic and other circumstances do not permit continued direct collaboration, but I earnestly hope that this changes in the future. Plainly put, Tony’s a genius, and would be an incredible asset to any organization that prizes a progressive, energetic, dynamic approach to both creative and business endeavors. His future collaborators or employers will be lucky to have the opportunity to work with – and learn from – him.” September 6, 2007

Ben Oliver, Designer, Technology Productions
“When the client demands the next project be better than the last, a brainstorm meeting is usually called. In my experience with Tony Smith, a brainstorm meeting is more like a hurricane. The depth of his visions and concepts are truly exceptional and a value any deserving agency.” August 13, 2007

Ramsey Isler, Technical Director and Co-founder, Naviciti
“Tony is an excellent “idea guy”. He’s a man with vision, but he also has the drive and determination to turn mere vision into reality.” August 12, 2007

Tolly Marcus, Owner / CEO, Zing LLC
“The hardest part about recommending Tony was the limitation of having to choose to do it as a colleague, a service provider or a business partner as we’ve been all three and more. Tony Smith is a superior creative mind with the rare ability to execute on his vision. He is also possesses the innate ability to take the sparely disbursed abstract ideals of his clients and formulate them into award winning results. On the other end of the spectrum and equally so, Tony is also a master of taking “To Much Information” from clients then boiling it down and refining it to its purest form then presenting it eloquently for consumption from inside the mind of the target audience.” August 6, 2007

Michael Erb, Architect, Naviciti
Tony is extremely creative with an excellent knowledge of business and client management. His attention to detail and experience in web-based solutions and video production, makes him uniquely qualified for just about every marketing situation that companies have. Tony is a consummate professional who I have no problem recommending to anyone. His creativity puts him in a league with very few people I have come across in my twelve years of work in the web arena.” August 6, 2007

Craig Daitch, Principal, Eiko Media
Tony brings a tremendous sense of experience to the table when it comes to executing interactive programs. He’s a pioneer in the online map space as well as having a talented creative mind. I would strongly recommend Tony to any company looking for a lift in creativity and new media marketing.” July 13, 2007

Robert Gorell, Marketing Consultant, Copywriter, Technology Productions, Inc.
“Tony Smith can be difficult to work with. But if you’re thinking of hiring him, that will definitely work in your favor. Allow me to explain… Tony demands the absolute best from himself and those who with and/or for him. With each project, he fully expects to deliver an exceptional product for the client. In fact, he’s one of those rare souls who truly understands how important it is to do the best work possible at all times because he knows his reputation is at stake — always. Still, despite that intensity, Tony is able to keep things lighthearted and fun without losing sight of the big picture (or deadlines!). If you want to hire one of the more talented web developers and designers out there and are looking for someone who will over deliver without the typical inflated overhead and ego of most agencies, I strongly recommend sparking something with Tony Smith.” July 14, 2008

Jason Kelley

“Tony is a hard working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is about from the outset – And how to get it done quickly and effectively. I have found Tony to be resourceful, creative and a solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative ideas for my company. Great Results, Expert, Good Value ” August 17, 2007

Dan Armand, Web Designer, Naviciti
“Tony is by far one of the smartest and hardest working persons I have ever met. In the three years I spent working for him, I learned more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. He has been an outstanding mentor to me, and I attribute everything I know about the online business to him. He has the uncanny ability to communicate his ideas in ways that few people do, but everyone can understand. His experience, knowledge and creativity makes him a invaluable asset to anything he is involved in.” September 14, 2007