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Tony Smith (Anthony DG Smith)

Anthony DG Smith Timeline & Work History

New Media Producer – Creative Director/Designer/Developer/Imager

Over the past 15 years, I have provided marketing strategy and creative services to a broad range of Fortune 500 companies and global brands. I have been pleased to serve category-leading clients such as Sony Music, Red Bull, Molson, Nintendo, Cadillac and General Motors, lending my support to their advertising and marketing initiatives.

The key to my success has been my ability to bring a diverse array of skills to bear upon my work for each client. My multifaceted career has been marked by innovation and entrepreneurial drive at every juncture: In addition to leading several technology related businesses to success, I’ve worked as a promoter, producer, on-air radio personality, record label owner, designer, consultant, and multimedia producer. As a consequence, I am able to integrate the multivaried skills acquired in all of these roles, and bring them to bear upon my work for you.

My Work For You

My approach to working with you is simple: Fully understand the results you want—and then deliver. With each client, I take the time to gain a comprehensive understanding of client needs, target audiences, and client objectives, identifying the ideal tools and methodologies needed to achieve optimal results, and then execute highly-polished finished projects marked by their flawless performance and strict adherence to the client’s strategy and vision.

With over 15 years of experience within the entertainment, media, advertising and internet businesses, I can leverage my network of contacts and wide range of experience to maximize your outreach efforts. For that matter, I have access to a network of outstanding creative professionals ready to offer additional expertise or manpower to your project, if needed and desired. I’m always excited about new trends, technology and media; I look for interesting challenges from my clients to create truly unique experiences for their audience. If needed, I am able to provide strategic, methodological, and execution oversight for virtually any media or advertising project, ensuring the absolute fulfillment of your vision. I am equally comfortable leading both the creative and technical/technological branches of a project. I can act as an agent, project manager, adviser, and consultant as well.

Let’s talk about your ideas and aspirations and see where I might fit in.

Services I Provide

Project Management, Web Design, Flash, Consultation, SEO, Map Making, Mash-Ups, Video Production, Animation, Photography, E-Commerce, CMS Creation, Programming, Creative Direction, JavaScript Programming, Kiosk Application, Data Services, Production, New Media, iPad Applications, iPhone Apps, Droid Applications, Mobile Apps, Mobile Websites, Voice-Over, WordPress, PHP, ActionScript, and much more.